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What makes you happy?

Happiness is something we all want, but it doesn’t just happen. Experts believe there are habits that may increase happiness—from connecting with others to practicing kindness. The Pursuit of Happiness Challenge looks at research that suggests happiness not only feels good but may also help people live longer, enjoy stronger relationships and be more creative and productive. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp for more brain health information.

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New year.  New Pres.  Looker as VP.  What's not to like.

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What truly has filled me with joy as I’ve gotten older is volunteering with dogs, cats and horses. Money was not involved with the work and by giving freely of my time to animals that are pure unconditional love has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.  I have volunteered with animals since I was in my early 50s and I’m 69 now. I also don’t have much money but I keep doing it because it’s what really matters. Giving of myself, being present in the moment and thinking about helping others. Happy Holidays 💫🌙

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I love being happy, it makes you feel good all over. Happiness is Godly. Happiness is doing things you love to do such as spending time with family or friends. Playing games, making good dishes to eat, My favorite is decorating the Christmas Tree, I love Christmas. I enjoy cooking for my family at Christmas time of course it's tiresome but I enjoy the thrill of doing it and having my children and grandchildren over for dinner, we exchange Christmas gifts and just have a marvelous time. We play music and enjoy the words to the songs. Christmas is a happy time of the year and it should be shared with family. I Agree with the lady MaggieS627817. Yes, I do believe that people live longer when you are happy. There is nothing like being happy. Researchers has shown that when people are happy they do live longer. Make a great Holiday Spirit so all can be happy.

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Before the pandemic caused them to pause their volunteer program, I was a Patient Advocate at Planned Parenthood.  This means I supported women having abortions...I held their hands, gave hugs, wiped away tears (anesthesia can make patients cry, sad or not), made them laugh and gave them whatever help they needed.  It was profoundly satisfying, knowing that she had her ''new best friend'' to make sure she was as comfortable and cared for as I could possibly accomplish.


I miss it very much....but, this will be over and we'll all be back.  (My new mantra!)

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Singing makes me happy! 🎶

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What makes me happy is being married to my soulmate Mary-Ellen for the past 27 years. It makes all of life's challenges easier to deal with, especially this year! I love waking up to that beautiful face every morning! 

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I am very proud to hear that. That is one awesome thought. God bless both of you.

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