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The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Getting the heart pumping through aerobic exercise is a ticket to good health, but did you know that it may also amp up your productivity? Regular workouts may increase your stamina and keep you alert throughout the day. Hate to get hot and sweaty? Reaping cognitive benefits doesn't necessarily require hustling on that treadmill until you're perspiring profusely. Increasing your heart rate and breathing rate seem to be the essential components, so swimming laps in a cold pool can also do the trick. What type of exercise do you do? Find more health information at AARP® Staying Sharp®, an AARP member benefit, today.

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Having been lucky enough to live in the Black Hills of South Dakota and right across the street from a rail-trail, I'd take my dog and go for a "ramble" for however much time I had that day.  When snow put down 3" or 4" on the trail, I got a bungee style leash and skijoring belt along with my cross country skis and we'd be off on a different style of adventure.


Since I retired several years ago, I rediscovered ballet after a 30 year absence.  Over time, it has become my preferred method, which I do four days a week.  When I travel, I weight train in the hotel facilities.  I also walk quite a bit.

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the only exercise i get is walking. i get so tired & feeling heavy but after i start walking i feel so light, my breathing becomes better. there is this store i walk to that takes 20 minutes to get to & 20 minutes back + whatever time it takes while i'm in the store. the only thing i don't like is the hot sun making me sweat. i love walking all over town (once a month on that) so walking does help.

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