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Major Retailers Giving Coronavirus Vaccines

An initial allotment of 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine is being distributed to about 6,500 pharmacy locations across the U.S., including many familiar retail chains. Vaccinations will be administered per the state eligibility guidelines where the pharmacies are located. More pharmacies will join the program as more doses become available.


For the full list of retailers and pharmacies as well as for state-specific vaccination info, visit Which Major Retailers are Giving Coronavirus Vaccines?


Have you gotten your vaccine? What was the experience like? If you are still waiting on your vaccine, we understand any frustration you are feeling and are here for you! AARP continues to advocate for the availability of the coronavirus vaccine to anyone 50+.



I have not gotten my vaccine yet. I'm probably a bit far down on the list, and that's fine.


I was in a restaurant getting food to-go a few weeks ago, and an older fellow and I started chatting as we waited, and he told me, "Just got my second vaccine shot today!"  


I couldn't help but smile and sincerely say, "Good for you!" while thinking about my own family.


I've been hearing from a few older relatives who are indicating they may not be getting it. I'm not sure if it's just talk or not. But I hope they do get it. I plan to.

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I'm also patiently waiting for my turn as I'm far down on the list. It does feel like things are looking up! 

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I have not gotten mine.  I am in phase1 with asthma, COPD, and non-contagiouis TB. I am starting to get impatient because I have not gone out much in the past year. 

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I'm sorry to hear it's taking a long time for you to get vaccinated @angeleyes64. What state are you in? Hopefully, supply will pick up and they will be able to get you an appointment soon.

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