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Did you know there are physical benefits to being kind?

Kindness releases endorphins in the brain, which help to improve mood, ease anxiety and feel happier. There are many ways to be more generous, whether through small acts of giving, community volunteering or lending a helping hand. Learn more about brain health with AARP Staying Sharp®, a benefit for AARP Members.


Making people laugh also seems to bring a similar effect. Or making them smile. 


I can only dream that all people become a little kinder! Recently, I've noticed that people have become much more angry and unsmiling. Most likely, this is due to the crisis and the coronavirus... This pandemic has brought too much grief to us. Despite the fact that almost all places were closed in our city, I still tried to lead my usual lifestyle. I do yoga every day, walk my dog 5 km a day, and eat right. I train my brain to think happy thanks to where I find a huge number of useful articles that help me maintain my healthy lifestyle.

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When I had my car, after I finished brushing off the snow, I'd turn around and brush off the car next to me.


I'm sewing Christmas Placemats for members of our church who are staying home without family or friends to visit them this year due to concerns about risks of IMG_5922.jpgCOVID 


I have been extra tipping in tipping situations. I appreciate so much all the workers right now that are helping us live some what of a normal life. 

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Recently helped a couple older then me with mobility issues get their laundry done at the laundry mat. It has changed a lot since the old days. They couldn't do the wash at home because of plumbing problems and were unfamiliar with all the changes. Nice couple enjoyed sitting outside and talking with them while the laundry whirled away. I always look for ways to help makes for a better world!


We all know the golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated. While this is an old adage we learn from an early age, there are a number of real-life benefits associated with the way we treat others. Science shows that as children, we’re biologically wired to be kind and we can further develop this trait with practice and repetition. Sometimes, however, due to outside influences and the stress of our day-to-day lives, we can lose this inherent ability.

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