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HHi. I was a caregiver for many years for my mother,and when her dementia made it too impossible for me to care for her,there was no one available but my sister.(The county & state refused to put her in a place,without thousands of dollars we didn't have.)So for the next few years,before her death,my mom was cared for by my sister,During all this time,my FEET,which were chronically a problem, got worse and worse,and I went back to our birthplace,,Oregon barely able to walk,& expecting to have a heart attack(which is common with overstress long term.)Instead,I stopped walking,got in the hospital very sick several times,and several yrs later,finally got a homecare worker from the county.This was very humiliating,I was only about 65 yrs. old.Yet my arthritis and nerve damage,& inflammation in my feet,chronically, put me eventually in a power chair.Tryijng methods to improve my feet did not work,as I'd been literally walking on my foot BONES for years,without padding..So,yes,caregiving is good if you are in good physical condition;I was not.I would not advise anyone with physical problems to do ALL FULL-TIME caregiving,.I might add,"foot-doctors"were a huge failure.Unless you literally have a lot of money,the BEST insurance,doctors ignore severe feet-and-walking problems. Medicare and Medicaid were NOT DESIRED by bone-doctors.-I don't get any medical treatment for my feet.--And I'm stuck in a power-chair with a lot of pain.(even with pain meds.)The medical system is a huge failure unless you are super rich.--I know there ARE feet specialists,but they require a lot of money;besides,its too late. Since I was never rich, other options were impossible.After becoming a care-giver I lost my respect for doctors and the medical SYSTEM,But my sister and I were glad we did not put our mom in any "nursing home,"as we still gave her much better care.==We learned exactly how dementia and "end-of-life"situations necessitate compassionate care. I believe that caregiving from family is still best if manageable..I wish my experience could affect the treatments for severe feet problems by the medical system,but I'm not  optimistic about it.I'm only one un-rich,un-powerful and unpolitical old person..I would advise other seniors to tell theiir young female relatives and friends"DO NOT wear women's fashion high heels and women's shoes.Wear athletic and similar-healthy shoes.--as much as you can."Thank you.

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Yes I'm a Med-tech in Memory care its Very challenging.

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