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Texas Hold 'Em won't let me fold my hand

Don't like the cards in your hand and want to start a new one?  If you notice the option to "fold" is grayed out consider this:


This has to do with the way bets are placed in a Texas Hold 'Em round. Simply, the reason you're not able to fold in certain situations is because you currently have bet chips matching the current high bet. This often happens when you automatically ante chips at the beginning of a round, and then no one at the table raises that bet. In that case, there is no reason to fold, as you've already put your chips into the pot. If you don't want to put any more (virtual) money on the table. Just click "check," which acknowledges that you don't need to bet any more and passes on to the next player. It's that simple!


Now it's your turn to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

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