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Right Again! Trivia – Sports edition: Grand Slam Tip

Hit a Grand Slam to Maximize Your Game Points in Right Again! Trivia - Sports edition

We’re always looking to get more game points when we play Right Again! Trivia - Sports edition. Luckily, this trivia game has an extra way to maximize your score: the Grand Slam system!

It’s simple: as you’re working your way through each of the game’s four rounds, try extra hard to get every question in a round correct.

When you get one of these bonuses, watch as the stardust travels from the gameboard up to your score indicator, and listen for the crack of the bat and the cheering crowd!
• Single: 100 extra points for getting all Round 1 questions correct
• Double: 200 extra points for getting all Round 2 questions correct
• Triple: 300 extra points for getting all Round 3 questions correct
• Home Run: 400 extra points for getting all Round 4 questions correct
• Grand Slam: 500 additional points for getting all questions in Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4 correct
Combine these bonuses with your extra points from Video Watch Bonuses and PowerUps for a huge final score!

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