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Challenge Friends and Wager Game Points on the Private Friends Network in Right Again! Trivia

You're a trivia buff and you're ready to challenge your friends to a game of Right Again! Trivia. Good news: Now you can! You also have the option to wager up to 300 game points, but wagering isn't necessary to challenge your friends in the Private Friends Network!
Here's how you do it:
1. Make sure you're signed in to the website, either as an AARP Member or with a free registration.
2. Head to the Right Again! Trivia page.
3. On the game page above the leaderboard, you'll find the Private Friends Network. Want to grow your friends list? Click here to learn how!
4. Click "Challenge." You'll see various Game Dates. Then click "View" on the Game Date you want to use.
5. From here, you'll see all your friends. You can click the boxes to challenge a friend, and/or wager 300 game points. (You can challenge a friend without wagering points.)
6. Click "Challenge" to send!
You can challenge as many friends as you want every day. You can send up to three wagers per day, though.
Make sure you challenge your friends before they play that day's game!
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