Maintain a Schedule for Your Loved One

I retired after working for the Government for 35 years to become a caregiver my mother. My mother started to lose her eye sight at 75, then memory and hearing loss soon followed. We both had careers and we were always busy giving our time and support to many charities. It is pertinent that we keep and maintain a daily schedule for our physical and mental health. We have routines that we repeat everyday and it is very important not to deviate from the schedules that you are both use to and set in stone. It can be challenging not to get distracted because things happen that are not preventable. I found that by maintaining a daily schedule and routine we both benefit from it as we did while we were working. Even though this is a job, remember the rewards are much greater.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you @Sagitarian89816 so much for your valuable input. Also, good to hear someones story from their direct experiences. 

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