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Increasing Caregiver Retention #1 - Trust and Respect

With home care turnover being too high there are changes agencies can make to reduce turnover.


Trust and respect


Caregivers are seasoned professionals who are ready for responsibilities that go beyond patient care. Unfortunately, leaders are desensitized to high turnover rates and end up treating caregivers as disposable workers that come and go. This approach leads to supervisors not taking time to grow their caregivers through training or additional responsibilities.

Agency leaders can begin to give trust and responsibilities to their caregivers by:


  • Eliminating a dictated schedule. Instead, allow caregivers access to technology that gives them the opportunity to schedule their own shifts, making them feel empowered and trusted. 
  • Making ongoing education easy. Caregivers are ready to learn new tools and interventions to serve their patients better. Give them the technology that allows them to get training on-demand right on their smartphones.
  • Begin a mentor program. Provide opportunities where seasoned caregivers can offer guidance and advice to new caregivers at the agency.
  • Involving caregivers in the care plan process. Offer caregivers the opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives at the point of care for every patient they serve, as they know patients better than anyone else in the agency.


Tip credit: Levi Pavlovsky

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