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Helping your loved one remember the difference between closets and bathrooms

If your home has doors that open to very different rooms but look similar, you can put a sign on the door with a picture of what's behind the door. So, if there is a bathroom behind one door, you can take a photograph on your phone, enlarge it on your computer and print it out, and tape it to the door. When it's closed, you and everyone else will know its the bathroom. (This helps with toddlers, too.) You can color it, make it artful, have fun. See what your care-recipient would like. Or just draw a toilet, or a bathtub. Do the same with the closet: take a picture of it opened, or draw clothes on hangers, and then tape it to the outside of the door. If you want to get fancy, you can buy inexpensive christmas lights and ring the photo with them, so that at night it is especially clear where to go if one has a nocturnal urge to 'drain the engines' as my grandmother used to say.

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