H​ow to Help​ Older Adults Safely Navigate the Web

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Guidance on how to properly care for your loved ones as they navigate through the aging process

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H​ow to Help​ Older Adults Safely Navigate the Web

​Although seniors are more tech savvy than ever, the FTC and FBI statistics indicate older adults are now five times more likely to be victims of cybercrimes​ than just four years ago, and the Department of Justice estimates scammers steal at least $3 billion from unsuspecting seniors every year.


Here are some tips on how to protect your loved one:


Notable Changes in Computer Usage Could Foreshadow​ More Serious Issues​​



  • Cognitive impairment often is recognizable earlier in seniors who use technology; forgetting passwords or frequently getting locked out of accounts can signal a decline in judgment.
  • Encourage older adults to immediately tell you of mistreatment by, or suspicious behavior of, persons ​​​who enter their homes to provide care or services.
  • Listen carefully when conversing with loved ones;look for signs that something is not right.
  • Don't be afraid to be a little "nosey" as seniors often have misgivings about discussing anomalies in their health or environment.​
  • Don't hesitate to seek help if you suspect your loved one is in danger or needs additional aid.


C​lues your loved one may be involved with a bad actor (Detect):


  • The sudden apperance of a new "best friend”.

  • Writing bad checks.

  • Signs of neglect when there is a paid caretaker.​

Advise seniors​ not to share ​sensitive data such as (Defer):


  • Social Security Number

  • Medicare ID

  • Credit-Card Information 

  • Bank Account Details​


Talk to the older adults in your life openly, honestly and frequently (Defend):


  • Ask questions about their interactions online.

  • Share information about scams and fraud.

  • ​Ensure they are using proper security measures ​​while on the Internet.​​


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