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Re: why couples divorce after so many years of marriage

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You are so right that both parties need to keep it interesting and work at growing old together. My husband divorced his wife of 39.5 years because he woke up one morning and asked himself "Is that all there is?" He felt he was living and sleeping with his sister not his wife. Their life was comfortable but no highs or lows. No kids to involve them, no grandkids to spoil. Just their respective jobs, a shared dinner then off to the computer for him and paper grading for her. No fun vacations although they could afford them because she had major phobias about traveling (no planes, no bridges)


When we happened to reconnect by chance on the Internet, he suddenly saw what he wanted for the rest of his life. Just 5 months after reconnecting, he asked for a divorce. It took three interminable years, but we've been together for 5 years and married for almost one.


We have so much less money than what he had when he was working. Retirement and divorce took its financial toll. But we downsized, moved where it's much cheaper and we're getting by. But we know we won't have 20 years together, so we make sure we say "I love you" every day. It's not all roses, but we won't let it get stale.

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why couples divorce after so many years of marriage

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couples divorce after so many years of marriage is because they "do fall out of love".  you have got to keep the fire burning in any relationship whether married or just dating.  another reason couples divorce is because of finanical reasons, lack of communication, trust/mistrust. in my case. all of the above apply.  i was married for 35 years, we had two beautiful sons, both grown with college degrees, and now i am happily divorced.  he has remarried and i am waiting for the Lord to send my soul mate to me and He will if that is what i'm looking for.  God bless you. there is life AFTER divorce!!

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