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Re: Senior divorce

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Hi Sandy,

Glad my post helped you a little. I wrote it to vent and release at the suggestion of my psychologist. I know there will be times of sadness and loneliness but that is normal. I just keep reminding myself about how my life was before the divorce.

Hang in and you will come out a strong, happy single woman! 


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Re: Senior divorce

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I was honored to read your article, really touched me especially since my hubby filed for divorce a month ago, seems he's been having an affair for several months while I thought he was out of town on business. I too was heartbroken, wondering and blaming myself for what went wrong then I realized I did nothing wrong, had no affair through out our 40+ years. It takes a lot of courage and strength but I'm moving on with life and feeling better each day.  I too feel lonely, not for my husband, but a friend to spend time with. Your letter really touched my heart and I know I'll be just fine. Thank you!


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Senior divorce

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I was married for 45 years to the same man. After his business failed, he became depressed, but would not admit it. He began staying out very late, spending large amounts of money and going to strip clubs. He lied to me constantly. I believed his lies for a long time because he was good at lying. We had to file for bankruptcy, which sent him further into depression. He spent all of the money we had from the sale of our house, and lied to me, telling me it was identity theft. It happened again and again over about a 5 year period.        After he stole my jewelry and pawned it, I filed for divorce. The divorce was contentious and he drew it out as long as he could. I am finally on my own, sharing a house with a divorcee in her 60s like me. It is her house, but I feel safe! I saw a psychologist twice a month for 9 months, but he recently released me telling me that I am fine!

     I still get sad sometimes--I don't miss my ex-husband at all, but I guess maybe I am a little lonely??

     I still work full time in a job I love, so I plan to continue. I try to stay busy, but holidays and weekends are hard. I have only been divorced for 2 months, so I know it will get better. 

     I have been told by friends and my daughters and grandkids that they admire my strength. Usually I feel strong, but sometimes...not so much! I was told that is normal!

    I guess the thing that convinced me to leave him was my daughter telling me that I deserved better than that--and this is her father she is talking about!!

    Overall, I am much happier, and I know I made the right move. 


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