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Life after divorce

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My husband left me in October 2017 because of reasons unknown to me. I have been having a hard time with me depression and anxiety. We have been married for 14 y. r.ears and have only lived together for a total of 4 years because we were separated for 10 years. I am the one that asked Brian to move in with me in 2015. Thr troubles began after living togehter for 2 months. I know that it is probably a good thing that Brian has left because he played head games with me and messed with my emotions. Yet, I had a hard time during the holidays. I am not close to my siblings so this separation  is particularly hard on me. I have really had anyone to talk to lately because I get tired of talking about with my friends and my therapist. I am open to any wrods of wisdom or kind words. I feel alsone right now.

Su Marie Anderson
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