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Late Life Divorce ✂️

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I am glad now that I instigated my divorce. At the time of thinking about following through, I kept coming up with excuses. My ex-husband was not a bad person, we got married too young. As I matured, he didnot and I felt like I was doing everything. Hmmm, so I started to wonder what I needed him for? Grateful we had no ties like a house, bank accounts or kids. I just quietly filed my papers while he was off in another state supposedly visiting his family. When he decided to return home, I handed him a copy of the finalized papers. To this day I giggle when I think of his face. Yes, this very naive girl at the time divorced you 🤣😂 I have zero interest in getting married again. Too set in my ways to go back to dealing with another man. We can date, but he has to have his own place and car!



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