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Bitcoin is helping me with retirement

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It may seem a little unconventional as a retirement vehicle, but about 6 months ago I received an invitation from a friend of mine to take a look a program dealing with trading Bitcoin, not just buying and holding it like many people are doing right now. Honestly I took a look at it but hesitated to get involved. My friend contacted me again about 4 months ago and shared that he got involved for $60 but was now earning over $2000 PER DAY. Now it seemed totally unbelievable to me, but I took another look and noticed that people are rolling over IRA's into this concept now, so I decided to give it a try.


I set out to learn all I could about Bitcoin, and I am now convinced it is hear to stay. Most people simply do not understand it and have a natural fear of things that they do not understand. Bitcoin's "Blockchain" technology will change they way our banks operate eventually. This is like being at the birth of Microsoft or Amazon all over again.


All I can say is that I sure an glad that I educated myself! Now I feel obligated to share this with everyone I can. I will admit that I needed a little help to get things set up at frst, but now it is clear and I am willing to help others to achieve the success I am seeing from this. I am not making the kind of money my friend is but it has only been three months and I am making a few hundred dollars per day which is a life-altering income for me at this point. Have a look at the website and if you have any questions please let me know. I am more than happy to help!


Andy Richards

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