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Re: Accountants

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I have a financial manager/planner who often references my asking "my accountant."  So far, I have not hired a CPA or Accountant and don't feel the need.  Taxes are prepared on Turbo Tax and I am comfortable with that. My family lawyer also mentioned checking with an accountant and yet she, like the planner, usually quote the basics relevant to my situation.  I Google the rest. 


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Re: Accountants

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 I don't use an accountant, I use a CPA.

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Re: Accountants

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To use an accountant, you'd actually have to have money, right?  Cat Wink

This is just me being sarcastic.  No, I have never used an accountant.

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Re: Accountants

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JEdmund wrote:

"...I am an Accountant and I use Turbo Tax to do my own taxes.  I wouldn't use an Accountant for financial planning, for myself.  I would prefer a CFP.....".


Agreed. DW was an accountant in a former life, and she does our taxes the old-fashioned way, using the paper forms and a calculator (and putting some forms into Excel). She is an AARP volunteer tax aide and uses software for them.


But I have been the one, for decades, that did all the investing and most financial planning. She knows taxes, but overall financial planning is not her forte, as you're expressing.


Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Re: Accountants

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I am an Accountant and I use Turbo Tax to do my own taxes.  I wouldn't use an Accountant for financial planning, for myself.  I would prefer a CFP.  
They have different functions for their careers, basically.  My finances are fairly uncomplicated so I never needed a tax accountant.  But if your taxes are very complicated, a tax accountant might be necessary.  BUT if I won the lottery, the first person I would call would be a Tax Attorney.  

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Do you use the services of an accountant, either to prepare your tax filings, or for financial guidance? If you get financial guidance, is your accountant pro-active if giving you feedback about tax returns, and improvements you can make? Do you meet with the accountant regularly/annually, or just when you have something specific you want to discuss?

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