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Re: on line auction

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@dp8573 , the experience with auctions was changed to help  AARP  deliver an industry standard auction user experience.  I believe you will see the top bids coming down over the next several weeks as those who have the large point values spend down their points.  


I also wanted to highlight a benefit of this new user experience.  An auction bidder is now able to walk away from the computer and the system continues to bid for them.  You don't have to sit and hit the bid button over and over again.  The system automatically bids for the user up to their max bid. The user also gets an email notification when their max big has been outbid.


We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with our Rewards for Good Auctions.  



AARP Online Community Team
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Re: on line auction

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I feel the same way. They should have left it alone and make people bid like before. I don't like it at all. At least they could only do this to some items not all. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Less people will be going to their site because of this if you just have enter the bid you want and forget about it.



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on line auction

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On line auction is a joke! I bring it up this morning and even a $10 Walmart card is over 170,000 points with 3 days to go! I've been adding points for years and have 96,000. I've taken upteen quizes. I have never been able to bid on anything.

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