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Re: What did you buy during your midlife (old age, or divorce) crisis?

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The mice did a number on the interior of my RV.....yuk   Cleaning that out wasn't fun.  I think they ran out of D-Con, chewed up the box, and used it for bedding material.   


Loved your comment about the squirrels. I gave up on golf and tennis a few years back. I still have a very nice tennis racket. I even took it out of the cover once in the past 20 years. I wanted to show it to my grandson..

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Re: What did you buy during your midlife (old age, or divorce) crisis?

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I'm turning 50 in a couple of months.   I still have a 10 year old son at home, though, so I can't get too crazy with money.   Instead, I've just decided to be much more selfish with my time.  Not a huge confession, I guess, but I feel guilty taking more time away from family. 


I have committed to riding 100 miles a month on my bike (Great Cycle Challenge, if anyone is interested.  Benefits kids with cancer.)   


I'm indulging my photography habit, with solo overnight trips to cool places to photograph, bike, and walk, and just spend time with my thoughts....   


And if I didn't have a kid at home still, I would have impulse-purchased a Tesla.   Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: What did you buy during your midlife (old age, or divorce) crisis?

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@JoyalDe.........I can SO relate to your post. When I was married, we did ballroom dance. After the big "D" I wanted a new life. I bought and rode a motorcycle. This was after trying tennis and golf. I learned that I could really ride the bike better than tennis or my golf swing. I rode many bikes over a 25 year period and was in the Motor Maids. I still have my last bike but have not ridden in a couple of years. I need to get rid of it, but I can't bear the thought of someone else mistreating her. I think I will donate it to charity to get it off on my taxes. I owned a regular bike. A man asked me if I would like to go ride a trail with him. He asked it I had a bike. I told him yes, but the squirrels ate the seat off and it had rust.

I still have a bucket list, but have some things on it that may go unfinished. One of them is to do a tractor pull. I doubt that anyone is going to let me use their "souped up, expensive" tractor to do this.

I enjoyed reading your post. Please post more if you have other stories to share.

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What did you buy during your midlife (old age, or divorce) crisis?

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I don't know about you, but I found it much easier to recognize the mid-life purchases, with other people, than I was able to do with my own. As I write this, I have an RV sitting at a dealership that I was going to travel the 'lower 48' in. It's been over a year and a half since I've driven it, and it hasn't been out of state now in 3 years. I have a motorscooter in the garage that I haven't driven since maybe 2005. There isn't even 2000 miles on it yet. It sat outside in the sunshine, so is suffering from sunburn and seat rot. I have a bicycle hanging from the rafters in the garage that I tried to get on, fell over, and didn't try again. I think that was 2 years ago.


Anyone else want to confess....?  Dang, my daydreams and wishful thinking are still making promises that my body can't fullfill.  

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