Senior w/ Unmanageable Credit Card Payments

My father is 79 years ago, and I just found out today that he has a Mastercard with close to $20K of debt on it. He has a monthly payment of $650 on this card -- roughly half of his income! He let it slip that, after paying the MC bill for this month, he now has roughly $60 to live on for three weeks.


I asked him if he has talked w/ Mastercard about his situation, but he said they refused to renew his 'hardship payment agreement' after he missed the deadline for renewal due to being in the hospital for gall bladder surgery a few months ago. The $200 monthly payment skyrocketed to $650, and now he's struggling just to survive. I'm in shock.


Is there anything at all that can be done?  He already has reverse mortgage; used that to pay off thousands in medical expenses from my now-deceased mother's illness. He has no savings to fall back on; nothing stashed away for a rainy day. Car is a old model Chevy that is paid off (was actually given to him as a gift).  I told him he should just call Mastercard and tell them either they re-instate the 'hardship' payment plan for him, or he will just stop paying the bill altogether, but he's trying to do the right thing and take care of his debt.


I'm upset and worried about how he'll survive on $60 (especially since his utilities haven't been paid for the month), and want to try to put him in touch with somebody somewhere who can help him with this. I know he won't look for help on his own.  Are there any options at all available to him at this point? 

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I would look into finding a local senior advocacy group and/or attorney general resource that might help him negotiate better terms due to the hospitalization and subsequent default.  Credit card companies are difficult to negotiate with, particularly when one doesn't have the funds to put toward the balance, but with assistance, there might be a solution.


Also, if there is a Community Action Program where he lives, they might be able to assist with utility bills and/or rent due to low income.


Best of luck to you.

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