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Re: Really Single Payer Plan?

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You and the other liberals have a big problem.  The Facts.  Your whole arguments are based on one premise,  "The Rich Are Bad People".    May be the liberal/democrat/socialist hero George Soros can bail us out after the last eight years and 10 trillion in NEW National Debt.  That's the solution for all liberal agendas.  Make the bad rich people pay.  It's lame, wrong and down right out stupid to think in that way.  Europe is the socialist play ground and the debt and unemployments SOARS and SOARS. 

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Re: Really Single Payer Plan?

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This well prepared objection to Single Payer or Sanecare is interesting. It's primarily lies and BS but interesting nonetheless. The cost of Sanecare compared to the Criminal like system we have in the US is 45% lower than Criminalcare. The cost savings come from removing the Mafia like Insurance Syndicates from the cost. Also taking the power to price from the Drug Syndicates removes 15 to 25% of the cost in the US. These are facts not cockcaa BS from the Republican con artists!
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Re: Really Single Payer Plan?

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The issue is Single Payer is government controlled and managed health care.  It will change the system in a way that is failing around the world.  Any Health Care system operating on a large scale with the government is controlling and operating care fails in so much more ways than the current.  Today anyone in a traffic accident or anyone that is able to get to the emergency room will be cared for if they have or have not insurance.   The problem in America is not Health Care, its the best in the world, it is making it accessible for all.   For the government to control and operate Health Care will create managed care with the sickest and or elderly the least likely to receive the care they need. 

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Re: Really Single Payer Plan?

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Some of us only see the bad in a thing because we will not be effected with it.
And are deathly afraid that it might effect our present lovey situation in life.
So being a good christian should not have to depend on having to share my health care insurance by going to single payer.
I have mine !!!!
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Really Single Payer Plan?

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Single Payer Health Care?????

Sound good to you? Before you embrace the idea, you might want to look at what's happening in Britain right now.

There, some hospitals in the UK that are moving to ration care for those who are officially deemed obese — that is, anyone who has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more. Oh, and while they're at it, they will also ration care for smokers, too.  Rationing of other care is being imposed across Britain — including strict limits on cataract surgery and hip and knee operations — to deal with the health care system's bottomless need for more money. For the last year, the NHS lost about $3.2 billion, nearly three times larger than the loss of a year earlier. It now faces a series of wildcat strikes by doctors, and even some hospital administrators are calling into question whether "free" universal health care can last. 

Consider Sanders's "Medicare for all" proposal, which would cost $14 trillion over ten years, increase taxes, and eliminate private insurance in favor of a fully government-run system.  According to Sanders, Americans would no longer have to pay deductibles or co-pays, search for in-network doctors, or deal with insurance hassles. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.   

For evidence, look no further than Canada's single-payer system.  To keep a lid on health costs, Canadian officials ration care. Canada ranks last among 11 industrialized nations in the ability of a patient to get a same-day or next-day appointment with a doctor. It also has the worst emergency room wait times. More than one-quarter of patients wait four or more hours to be treated.  It gets worse. After being referred to a specialist by a primary car doctor, Canadian patients wait four and a half months for treatment, on average. Wait times for MRIs are more than eight weeks; for CT scans, patients wait almost four weeks.  Access to care is so poor, in fact, that 52,000 Canadians flee to the United States each year for medical attention. They refuse to wait in line for care as their health deteriorates. 

Vermont’s struggle to implement single-payer health care shouldn’t be a surprise. Such systems are failing to deliver affordable, quality care all over the world. And ordinary citizens are starting to notice. Shumlin’s administration announced last month that it would shut down the state’s Green Mountain Care exchange for repairs that could take weeks. One state senator said its rollout “has been pretty much a disaster” and “has shaken a lot of people’s faith in the ability of state government to put together something that would work.” Even if the state could figure out how to operate a single-payer system, it wouldn’t be able to afford it. A 2013 University of Massachusetts study commissioned by the state concluded that Vermont would have to come up with $1.6 billion in new revenue every year to pay for the plan. Now the state estimates that single payer will take $1.7 billion to $2.2 billion in additional annual revenue. Vermont collects $2.7 billion a year in taxes. How does it expect to boost its tax take by 80 percent to pay for single payer?  The VA Health care System is a totally governmnet controlled system.  If you can wait that long before seeing a doctor and the same doctor at that it may work for a while.  

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