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Re: PLEASE REPLY BY 02/15/2018

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Smart to check this out alsheda!


Quick google search of the address returns what appears to be some affiliation. Address shows Legal Counsel for the Elderly has an office there, and their website points to




I receive different address from AARP (e.g., CA when I live in NV) and check them against local and state office addresses, just in case.






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Re: PLEASE REPLY BY 02/15/2018

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AARP, Inc. is the membership organization

I'm guessing is a 501(c)(4) - Social Welfare Organizations


AARP Foundation is the charitable organization - 501(c)(3) - Charitable

Charity Navigator - AARP Foundation

Tax Exempt World - AARP Foundation


Here's how the WHOLE organization looked back in 2010 from the House Ways and Means Committee

Have to ask them if this is still the way it goes - Non-profit and For-profit







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Re: PLEASE REPLY BY 02/15/2018

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Um Um

thank you for responding  Bea2846

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Re: PLEASE REPLY BY 02/15/2018

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I would say if it is a different address, just disregard. 



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PLEASE REPLY BY 02/15/2018

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I received a letter from what appears on the envelope to be sent from AARP FOUNDATION 601 E. STREET, NW WASHINGTON DC 20049.


Now due to all that's transpiring within the News Media, Social Media and all I would like to know why this address is uniquely different from what the Site inside these walls read which is:  AARP Membership Center, 3200 E. Carson St., Lakewood, CA 90712?


I don't want to be difficult, mean-spirited or deal with insinuations that might cause a strife with anyone;  But I would just like to why?



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