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Re: Optum RX

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I am not happy with them, either.  Seems AARP puts their name with poor products, including UNHC which is extremely expensive as is OptumX.  I dread what the pricing will be next year.  AARP shows no involvement in that part therefore not protecting the members who went with them because of AARP pushing them.  Must get some kickbacks somehow.  That said: I optumX online service is horrible and no one is interested in fixing issues.  It's really unfortunate that we are REQUIRED to carry drug insurance.  The co pays are also going up annually.  And I fall into a donut hole very quickly.  AARP: Do your members a HUGE favor.  Find some new, reliable companies to push.

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Re: Optum RX

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No point in calling them. Have you looked online at their reviews. 1 star, all the way. Been like that for some time. They had a class action suit against them too --- don't know outcome of that. Yes, it's apparently a poor service.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Optum RX

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Well, just had an interesting and not very informative session with Optum RX customer service(?).  Dr sent an order to Optum on 6-30.  Got notification on 7-7 that "the order was on the way" and gave us a USPS tracking number.  Checked that evening and USPS said they had been notified of "pre-shipment" by Optum.  Today is 7-11 and Optum CS says it was picked up by USPS but that it had not apparently been scanned yet.  Called USPS and was put on a call back list (I could wait on line for 45.3 minutes to 1 hour 5 minutes).  Going to call United Healthcare back and let tham know they need to DUMP Optum for a better mail order service.

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