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Re: Older Caregiver Concerns

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Good morning Miss Ohio. My name is Paul. I also am a caregiver. I take care of my wife of 27 years. I sometimes ponder those questions as well. Please take comfort in knowing this. God is always with you. For better or worse. As long He's there, things have a way of working themselves out. Please have a wonderful day.   

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Older Caregiver Concerns

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        I am a caregiver and have been taking care of both parents. I had to p[lace my father in a nursing home after I could no longer give him mthe best of help needed. Doing this really hurt me and I felt like I had let him down.

Though I felt this way I searched out the best nuring home we could afford and stayed on top of the service, but I tell you it was pure hell, and the nursing home put on a good face when one first arrives, but if you do not stay on top of the service your family member suffers. To make a long story short I finally found the place for my dad and he is happy along with us being happy. My mother and father have been together 65 years and the bond is tight and everlasting love for one another. My father is now in OVH in Sandusky Ohio, and my mom and I in Cleveland. I make sure that we spend every other weekend in Sandusky. It beautful there and my father is able to come and go and enjoy many activities, even though the other nuring home keep in a locked ward saying he suffered from dementia. I am my mother caregiver and she needs me to take care of her full time. I enjoy this because I have been there for good times and bad times, we have laughed together and cried together. I will be there as long as I have strength and breathe. Though this is my love to be there always I worry about me getting older and needed help one day, I am 63 yeras old. My dearing question and concern who will be ther for me, I wonder is there a place where a family can stay together as a family, a place where there would be living assistance to help with my father, help with my mother if needed and help for me when my time come. Families should be able to stay togther as long as possibe to enrich their lives and to enjoy one another. Woman Very Happy JUST WONDERING WAITING AND WISHING FOR A PLACE LIKE THIS>


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