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Re: Need advice

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Contact the IRS first thing Monday morning!!  But also contact the AARP Fraud Center -


Fraud Fighter Call Center
Highly trained AARP volunteer Fraud Fighters are standing by to offer peer counseling, support and referral services to fraud victims and their family members. Call toll-free: 877-908-3360

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Re: Need advice

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I have no idea what a 'circuit breaker' program is, but DO know about dealing with the IRS.  Call them immediately and tell them about the crazy letter you got.  If they can't release it, ask them about the Arbitrator and they will give you how to contact the person.  They tried to discourage me years ago from pursuing the Arbitrator meeting, but my problem was wiped out by him in less than 10 days.

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Need advice

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I am 69 years.  I live in St. Louis, Mo.  Filed for refund via circuity breaker program.  This is my third year doing this and I received my refund.  This year my refund was used to offset an individual filing for 2013.  I did not do this.  Have filed with Federal Trade Commission.  Have been in contact with IRS in Jefferson and completed identity theft affidavit.  Received a demand letter from IRS stating if $2000+ not paid they will turn it over to collection, put liens on any properties.  The demand notice included my name and last four plus the last name and first name initial and last four of somebody I have no idea about.  Never heard of  this person.

I needed the $750 to move.  Have given notice to landlord. I don't know what else to do.  It occurred to me today that Uncle Sam may take my social security income - the only income I have - next month.  I am scared too death.  If this happens I will be up a creek without a paddle.

What do I do now?

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