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Re: Mindset to living to a 150 years inspires happiness

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I love your outlook on life....150?  Wow!  I have been working toward 100, but even more years if possible are welcomed.  I'm still working PT, painting, writing; belong to 2 art groups, participate in art shows and have work at a local studio of a friend and speciality shop in town.  Have 4 self-published books so far with 3 of them being a continuing saga...mouse stories.  1st was done during some free time, about a little town mouse who ate my Kit-Kat bar and the saga goes on about her decendents. 

I haven't mentioned my age yet, so here goes....will be 80 in April, but feel more like 60....well, that is when I'm at my best...have found that I can no longer eat shrimp and certain other things like the weather bother me sometimes; but I shrug it off and go on! 

I live in the Northeast, near Lake Ontario and love the 'change of seasons'.  We just went through a tough winter week for March...but March is so unpredictable as usual.  Power outages; fallen trees; fallen utility wires, etc.  Just have to take it as it comes....

Welcome your response....Enjoy St. Pat's Day and the weekend!



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Mindset to living to a 150 years inspires happiness

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Now that I will be turning 60 this year in 2017, I realized that the last ten years were a time to reflect, taking inventory of my accomplishments.  What my life became with each desicion that was made.  My Mother is still around so I was able to ask her questions that put some of the questionable puzzle together.  As I turned 50, ten years ago.  I felt that I only had a few more years to do all the things I wanted to do.  My remedy that awful feeling of my life coming to an end, I took action and changed my MINDSET about how much longer I would live.  Now I have decided that I will live until Im 150 years old and that I will look the same and I do now. Because of this "time' mindset... for the past ten years I have been in high production mode.  Creating my Philosophical Picture Book Series, Composing and performing new musical works, producing poetry videos and inspired everyday to challenge my abilities.  Soon, in another 30 years will have written my orchestral music  and who knows what else I might do.  I have 90 more years to live and create. xoxo 

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