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Me and my love for transit

Hi.  For those who have been seeing my icon for my username, it is of a bus that once ran in St. Louis.  I have been riding transit ever since I was a teenager.  The bus is a Rhor Flxible that was operated by the Bi-State Development Agency.  These were bought in the latter part of the 1970s.  These were the 7000 class buses, the 7100 class buses, 7200 class buses, all the way up to the 7500 class buses.  The 7000 class buses and the 7100 class buses were the 35-footer buses.  The 7200 class buses were the 30 footers, and the 7300s all the way up to the 7500 class were the 40 foot buses.  The Americans With Disabilities Act took them out of service.  When I was born, St. Louis had 3 streetcar lines still running.  The Hodiamont streetcar was the last one to close and that happened in 1966.  Bi-State had the Suburban Flxibles in the 1960s.  The difference is with that bus was the size of the window that was located towards the bottom of the front door.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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