Looking for a daughter with children so i can give love to grandchildren?

I am a 60 year old woman who loves children.  I have 2 adult sons who do not have spouses so i do not and might not have grandchildren:(  People my age are becoming grandparents and their must be someone out there who is need of more love?  I am not interested in someone who drinks and does drugs .  Nor am i interested  in someone who is not a kind, honest, loving mom- a single mom might work- Savannah Ga area.

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Hello, Katherine! Welcome to our AARP communities!


I so understand your feelings regarding grandchildren. While you wrote you weren't interested in certain parents, I feel it's more about for the children.


Perhaps check out AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program . I somehow feel you'll be an asset to this program and they'll be an asset to you...



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Thanks to WebWiseWoman for her advise/ recommendation - fostering children.


I'll go back to basics, the world's oldest profession...caring; to care for those near you.

Many families and single young mothers are looking for child daycare/ baby sitting while the mother/ and or father is looking for or working.

Watch your neighbors and talk to them - chit chat any old way - find a child and family that has values and behavior that seem suitable to you. It's a process.

-  There is a great need for baby sitting/ child care.

- You caring and nurturing young minds, teaching them values.

It's a process.

- Expand your search every time you go the local grocery store or any gathering you regularly attend.


Do well - it's a process. 👍




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