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Learning to navigate a whole new existance and feeling very 'Outside.'


Learning to navigate a whole new existance and feeling very 'Outside.'

Hello. My name is Eugenia Marie but I go by Genia. Hope this post finds all in a happy place.

I am very new to all of this computer hoopla but I am determined to figure it all out. 🤔

Coming on 16 weeks of sobriety after being diagnosed with liver disease and an autoimmune disorder I find myself struggling with the navigation of my new reality which has led me to feel  rather 'Outside' so I thought AARP would be a good place to help guide me through my journey. I look forward to hopefully making some new wonderful friends.😀

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Hi Genia, and welcome!!

If you get stuck with any computer hoopla, there's some nice people here who I'm sure can give you advice.   😀

Congrats on how far you've come on your new path to sobriety.  That's really AWESOME!!  You should be feeling very proud of yourself.  I admire your courage and inner strength.  

Here's wishing you a healthier and bright future!!  🤗  

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Hi there, Genia! Your last name wouldn't happen to be "Yuss" now is it? No, I'm sure it's not and in your newly sober state, I guess I better tell you I was joking there. Sometimes humor gets mixed up with all the hoopla! But you type really nice and you've brought a bit of beauty to the place. Sweet!


There's a lot to figure out with computers, really, especially if you're just starting out. That and just as soon as you get familiar with a thing or two, they usually change those and so there are other things to be learned. That's the bad news. The good news is is that none of us are born knowing how to do any of this online stuff. We all learned it as adults and I'm sure you will too. I hope you make some wonderful friends who will help you along the way. AARP is as good a place as any to begin your journey.


One day at a time, keep coming back, hope is found here, easy does it! Maybe you've heard some of those, maybe not but I've been reminding myself of them for more than 20 years now. Welcome to a whole new world! Have fun and thanks for being brave enough to post. Cheers!




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