Call me "Sach,"  pronounced like 'such.' Am an self-diagnosed ADD adult female. 67 y.o. this year, and still working full time for a large company, because of poor planning(economic) on our part, and a spouse who's still few years under his full SSI age of 66-1/2, and runs his own business in VERY expensive Honolulu, HI.


Out side of work, and trying to do my husband's bookkeeping, in the last ~ 2 yrs, Fri. nites to Sun. evenings, I help with care of 91 yr old in-laws, both using walkers. Gpa is showing many signs of forgetfulness, but Gma has dementia that is probably Alz's. Both are still living in their own home with hired help on most week days. Her personality has changed to more defiance + confusion, as her dementia progresses. I hope to retire next year, mostly because my "soul" is very tired, and my body, I confess, I have not paid much attention to it. 


Question for 2 generations of women: any one know of any good places to buy NICE (a bit stylish & comes in more than black or navy) "flat" dress shoes that are non-slip, aka, "safety shoes"?

All sites I've looked at are often, expensive for me (>$50 each), and boringly black, navy, and sometimes brown. Style is boringly limited. Even at 91 yrs. old, Gma still likes NICE shoes. (She likes & has a pair of yellow flats, that are cute, but not safe.) I also work in a medical setting and would like safety shoes that have a bit more style, more of a "front-office" appearance. My administration is pushing for no- to low-heels. High-heels, I can't wear them anyway, because of a history of a few fractured foot bones that make heels too painful to wear. Looking for slip-on pump-style shoes for Gma, she sometimes insists on putting them on herself, which she still can do, most of the time. She often does so in the middle of the night for her trips to the restroom, goes barefoot when she gives up trying to put them on..


(For those who may be concerned: us overnighter on-duty, watch her from the hall window. We get up when we hear her move her walker and we watch her get out of bed and back into bed. The bathroom door is in her bedroom. I do feel blessed she can still do these overnite bathroom visits alone, yet. We step in only if we hear anything suspect, she can get aggitated or animated if interactions with others happens. She does have an alert necklace, but she doesn't always remember it. Gpa is at a better care level than Gma, but we listen for him at night, too, just-in-case.)


My first visit and post here, so apologize if I over did it. Just wanted to ask about shoes, essentially, lol.



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Hello Sach,


Welcome to the online community! It sounds like your plate is quite full with work and caregiving. You may want to check out the Caregiving forum here if you have any other questions and/or would like support. And, maybe try posting your shoe question (copying and pasting your third paragraph on shoes) in the Random Thoughts and Conversations forum with a heading of "Seeking Shoe Information" or something similar. This might allow others to see your question easier to respond.


Again, thanks for joining us and let us know if you have any questions.



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