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Re: Hi Almost 50 Newbi Sue here

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@c860092w - Welcome back Carol! I'm in NJ .. used to be up in Bergen, but now down in Monmouth.

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Re: Hi Almost 50 Newbi Sue here

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Hello. I am Carol & I am a Newbie but yet an Oldie. I use to be a member here years ago, but have not been here for years & I have forgotten my password to get back on so I had to start a new account. I am from Pa. (USA). I have also lived in Burton, Sc., Beaufort, S.C., Iselin, N.J., & also Clifton, N.J. Right now I am in Pa again. I have worked as a sewing machine operator, A Dairy Queen Worker, Personal Care Aide in a retirement home in Pa. I worked in a country store in Burton, S.C., Ragsdale Body Shop on Rt. 21 in Burton, S.C., & A Cocktail Lounge in Beaufort, S.C. I am now retired & have asthma, emphazema, & severe c.o.p.d. I can get around in our home, but if I go out anywhere, I have to take my electric wheelchair along. Right now, I am on several inhalers, & a nebulizer, but I have been having alotta problems with my breathing lately, so I have to have a breathing test done, to see if I should go on oxygen instead. I go for that at the end of this month. I will be 60 on April 1st. Nice to meet you Sue!

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Hi Almost 50 Newbi Sue here

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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Su from MA USA. I will be 50 in May. Ireside in elerly hp for now with my SD she is smartest most loveing dog ever. Self trained. 


Politically active but please dont text me to much or try to force opinions. Love to discuss not great at being talked  at.

I' terminally ill, awheelchair user. I dont 

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