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Re: Hello World!

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Hello Cindy,


Yes, you are in the beautiful VA. I have been to the state several times.

As a graphic designer, your skills can do well doing gigs in the internet/computer.


Hope to pm each other sometime.


Good luck!


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Re: Hello World!

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Hello & welcome to both of you.  @CindyMartinRVA,  I glanced thru your blog & fell in love with Jaxon.  I love dogs, especially German Shepherds.  My current pack leader is a shepherd mix named Tessie.  She has the shepherd personality and doesnt realize her ears are supposed to stand up.  You may enjoy visiting our thread on Dogs, Cats & Pets. 

hoc voluērunt
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Re: Hello World!

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Welcome!  This is a fun place, and lots of information as well. Our local PBS had on today  their series "On the road."  Virginia was the state covered.  The program showed interesting places to go, the times of certain "fairs", and the mountains also.  I did not take notes, unfortunately.  Otherwise I could be specific.  However, I am certain there is a state book listing all the interesting places where you now live.

I have lived in a fairly large city most of my life.  I did live in mountainous area for five years.  We cut our our wood for our stove for heat.  This was an all day outing, and a lot of fun.  On the way  it was my job to identify the "dead trees" as I had not lived in the mountains  before.  

We had a lot of power outages, snow,and the most friendly people everywhere.  If we went to a store to buy a special article, you might as well just figure that this is not going to be a quick trip.  Nope, one hast to chew the fat" for at least an hour.  I loved being around pleasant people for all are your friends.

Hope you will have similiar experiences.  

Wishing you well in your new  home.



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Hello World!

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I just renewed AARP, let it lapse because I've just been too busy to renew til now. Also, I never posted anything or "connected" online in any meaningful way, but here I sit, having had a beer and feeling right chatty!


I am an empty-nester who recently sold the big family house and downsized and relocated to the beautiful mountains of Virginia. I've started blogging to stay sane ( and am slowly starting to meet people and find community connections in this little country 'burg. Quite a big difference coming from a city to this, but I'll adjust! 


I'm an unemployed graphic designer who can't find work here in the hills, thus the blogging...that's it for now! 



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