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Happy Veterans Day to all veterans


        Happy Veterans Day to my son Barry.    Also, to all veterans.

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Happy Veterans Day, Barry.  
Happy Veterans Day to all our Veterans.

I was just telling a friend, who has two Purple Hearts from Vietnam, that I have trouble with this day (and Memorial Day) because of the way they seem to be largely ignored by the general public.  If feels, in a way, like an insult rather than the show of appreciation such days are meant to be.  

Years ago, when I was homeschooling my son, I tried to teach him a little about these days and what they meant.  We put little flags on the graves (we have some very old cemetaries here) of soldiers on Veterans Day and I tought him the Flanders Fields Poem about Memorial Day.  I can't remember now if we put poppies on the graves on those days, but I think we did.  

Our Veterans don't get the respect they deserve the other 363 days of the year and barely so on the "special days."  More widespread food, housing, medical and mental health care, a little dignitiy, would serve them better, I think.

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