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Re: Group Events that are challenging

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Hi @LindaA517264  and welcome to the online community!


Kudos and huzzbah to you to starting such a wonderful group for your community! How marvelous that it has been so successful, too.


Hm, persons unable to participate wanting to do so ... that's a fairly sticky wicket, isn't it? Though possibly not as gentle as we'd like, I've seen organizers state such things as


  • This is a 1 mile walk on gravel. You must be able to walk unassisted to participate.
  • This walk will include such surfaces as pea gravel, pavement, and narrow dirt paths. Participants must be able to traverse these surfaces on their own power.
  • This 50 mile group ride will be at a fast clip. Cyclists unable to maintain an average of 18 MPH will be dropped.
  • Weather is unpredictable! Please be responsible for your own comfort by dressing in layers, wearing sunscreen, carrying your own water. Also: please be physically able to complete this walk.

Another possibility is to have a sign-up sheet that includes check boxes like 

( ) Understand the route is steep. 

( ) Can walk this distance without assistance.

( ) Understand I'm responsible for my own safety and needs.


As a way to clearly point out participant responsibilities while also gifting you with a paper trail as back up should you need to deny someone's participation.


Question: are these persons being dropped off? In that case I'd address my concerns to the person or entity dropping people off. Or are they able to show up at the gathering place, but unable to continue due to the stated ambulatory issues? In this case, maybe move the gathering place.


I agree, a chat with them is probably the place to start. Then I'd back it up with some amalgamation of the above notices. Smiley Happy


Best wishes, 




"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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Group Events that are challenging

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I started a 55+ group with activities and friendship at no charge in my small community - in one year I have 75 members.  We meet for dinners but often times day trips.  My issue is that I have a couple of people who cannot walk but show up for events that require walking - and expect to be taken care of - I want to allow everyone to join but I am challenged on how to tell someone they are not physically able to do these activities.  I sent out a weekly email so guess I also need a phrase that states something as well as a conversation with them privately.

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