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Re: Free day bag

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just joined asking where my day bag is
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Re: Free day bag

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I have been LIFETIME member since 2004 (not available online; call to join; around $250; I buy for all relatives and friends when they turn 50: Happy B-Day) and have always wanted this bag but never received.... even having attended the old days national conventions... 


especially enjoyed NOLA and Boston; LV as well; miss those meet ups!


If you get yours please let me know how, so I can get mine...





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Re: Free day bag

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Looks Like I'm not the only one wondering about the free day bag. I was on facebook when I saw the offer, but could find no where to request it when I completed my membership. Please let me know if the item is still available.


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Re: Free day bag

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I joined online today1/28/17 and there was no space to put my promotional number in to claim the Day Bag offered. Many people my age (53) would prefer to do things online rather than snail mail. Please update your system. Can I be assures that it will arrive with my cards and paperwork?
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Re: Free day bag

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We have forwarded your request to our Membership department.  If you do not hear something in the next few weeks, contact them directly at or by telephone 1-888-687-2277.

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Free day bag

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I am also writing to inquire about the free day bag. I became a member today, via online, and I did not see anything stating that the free day bag was going to be sent. Could you please confirm that the day bag will be sent to my home address. 


Thank you,


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