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Re: Amazon Sold Out Gift Card. Already?

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Hi.  I am not an AARP employee, but just a member like you.  I DID manage to hook one of those Amazon gift cards, today.  I just thought you would like to know that it is possible.

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Amazon Sold Out Gift Card. Already?

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Apparently someone discovered that the employees of AARP get free points to use. How convenient that they are all sold out on Amaz. Im sure there are other cards that meet the same fate. This has to be illegal and we should write the merchants and make them aware that not unlike insider trading info on Wall Street, the average AARP member has 1 in a billion chances to ever get the item they want when its a well shopped store.

This is getting old already. These rewards for good are useless for the most part except to put into a contest that you may or may not win. But it seems that at AARP they have the autobid, so even if you lose to someone who has the same time, as I have documented on another post. They will win hands down.

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