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Re: AVIS Rental car and how I was charged $550 more simply because I returned the car one day early

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Hello, @satrapis, thank you for contacting AARP regarding your concerns. It's my understanding that this is being handled by our Member Relations team. If you still need assistant with this matter, please contact us directly at

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Re: AVIS Rental car and how I was charged $550 more simply because I returned the car one day early

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Moral to the story is to read the fine print, ask questions before you sign and then hold up your end of the bargain. 


That said, boy oh boy I do believe I would be contacting the home office and asking for the money back. I'd be telling them how I was going to post my sad saga all over the Internet and that I would give negative reviews wherever I could and that I would not stop until my money was refunded.


Really, I'd try that for a refund of 550 smackers.



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AVIS Rental car and how I was charged $550 more simply because I returned the car one day early

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Here is how I ended up paying Avis about $550 dollars more, simply because I returned the car one day earlier - in 20 days instead of 21. It can happened to you too. Read this short note to protect yourselves.

I prepaid for a 30 day rental about 850 US Dollars using the AARP discount code. In the contract, there was a 21 day minimum... No one when I picked up the car bothered to explain to me what that means. It means that if you return the car in less than 21 days, not only you will not get any money back (which is understandable) but you will be charged a FULL DAILY RATE for ALL days you had the car.  Your existing contract, even though it has been PREPAID for a LONGER time, is NO LONGER VALID.  In my case, I returned the car in 20 days, one day before the minimum, and I had to pay 495 euros ADDITIONALLY. This was an additional $550 – give or take a few dollars.   I was thinking that I would simply not get any money back. Not that my prepaid contract was no longer valid and that a full daily rate will be used. Don’t you think they need to explain that to you when you pick up the car? I do. I find this dishonest at best.  As a principle, I will never rent from Avis again and I will make sure that all the people in my circles, including the AARP members, know about it.  I have also an opened up a case with AARP in order to make it known that all their members are exposed to this unethical behavior.



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