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Re: AARP promoted Car Insurance...Why?

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Few points that may help in reducing auto insurance prices

It is better to pay annual premium of the chosen coverage of car insurance, as often the monthly premiums ultimately result in shelling out more money than the amount paid once in a year.
Every car owner may not need all types of coverage, for which he must speak in details with his insurance agent or directly with the officials of the chosen auto insurance companies, to know the best car insurance rates and what should be the coverage types needed by this specific car-owner.
The add-on coverage of the auto insurance should be checked carefully, to find if the owner at all needs them. Sometimes, a few matters may be already covered by the other insurance policies or bank accounts of the car-owner. For example, a health policy may cover the accidental expenses needed for the treatment of the accidental victims. In that case, this coverage should be minimized in the auto insurance policy.

If the car-owner feels the price of his tailored auto insurance policy to be too high, he may consult some top car insurance companies and find out the lowest prices offered by them for different coverage parts in their car insurance policies.
It is better to add a voluntary excess with the compulsory excess amount, so that the car-owner needs to pay lesser amount of money as the premiums of the best cheap car insurance, from the chosen auto insurance company.
When a person wants to switch from one insurer to another, he will need to pay lesser amount of money, if there was no claim made from the previous insurer. A no-claim bonus offered by the previous insurer will help him to get the best rated car insurance policy for his vehicle.
The car owner should also ask if any discount is offered by the chosen insurance company, to help him get the best affordable car insurance. I think that the choice should be done slowly
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Re: AARP promoted Car Insurance...Why?

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Colorado, according to insurers, has one of the highest ratios of bad drivers. Thus our insurance ain't cheap. This tidbit of commiseration offered from an accident-free low-mileage driver who took the AARP online driver safety course (at a discount, natch) in order to save a few quid a year for the next 5 years on her way-too-high auto insurance.



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Re: AARP promoted Car Insurance...Why?

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Everyone is having this issue. Insurers don't look at individual customers and decide who is going to get a break, or not. They look at their loss experience. Driving has increased in the past couple of years, as a whole, with a corresponding increase in accidents. There was a lot of bad weather last year, and into this year. Storms, floods, etc. mean a lot of losses. 


Car insurance rates skyrocket in Florida as crashes mount on busy ... Car insurance costs more in South Florida - Sun Sentinel

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AARP promoted Car Insurance...Why?

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I have been a member of the Hartford, promoted by AARP, since 2014 and I have never had a claim or accident in all those years (actually in my driving life since 1972). What a great customer I am for an Insurance company.  So how does the Hartford treat this perfect record senior citizen of 59? They hit me with an increase of $200 a year! This new year has increased $400.  WHY??????????? Doesn't AARP represent Senior Citizens? Shouldn't it only recommend companies that do the same?

I am severly dissappointed in the Hartford for caring so little for "golden-goose" customers such as myself.  Their excuse last year and this year. Florida is a higher cost State, and we have higher costs. let's take our BEST customers and run them off by hitting them hard with increases they can't handle.  Is anyone else out there having the same issues?

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