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Question I noticed that on LIVE auction bids, my account does not show the "instant" bids that seem to pop up. Yet, when I watch a current LIVE bid that ends and I go to the CLOSED auctions, I discover TWO other auctions that also ended at the same time that were not available to me. What gives? I'm apparently locked out of bidding for these "pop-up auctions". I have 146,000 points. Does this mean only members with certain "tiers" of points can bid on items?    Answer Some auctions are available to all members, while other auctions are available to members within a certain points balance. We do this to provide more members the opportunity to participate in auctions. You will only see auctions you are eligible for on the Current Auctions page. If you see an auction you are interested in, be sure to add it to "My Auctions." This will ensure it is available to you even if your points balance changes.  
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Question How do you subscribe to the Rewards for Good emails?     Answer If you want to check if you are signed up for the Webletter, log in at and click "NEWSLETTERS" in the header. If you want to check or sign up for R4G newsletters, go to and select "My Rewards" and then "Email Preferences".
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Question How exactly do you donate your points? Where is the link to do so?   Answer You can donate points by clicking on the Donation banner located on the home page of the catalog site. The direct link to the donation page is here: You can donate 1,000 points a month.
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