How exactly do you donate your points? Where is the link to do so?



You can donate points by clicking on the Donation banner located on the home page of the catalog site. The direct link to the donation page is here:

You can donate 1,000 points a month.


That link does not go to a donation site - the "Donate" button goes to a page where you can only donate noney.


I don't want my points, never asked for them, and don't shop at the places offered.


I followed at least a 1/2 dozen threads and links and STILL cannot donate my points. Really?

wow...that is an old link to donate points to the AARP Foundation.  This now the last few days of the Rewards for Good program and the link to donate for Sept 2019 is:


You can donate 1,000 points.  Leave the "Quantity" at "1".  Click on "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" and follow the instructions from the pop up message to come please your donation.

Good Luck and Thanks for supporting Seniors.

I have 86,337 points that I should have the right to donate to others rather than lose them BUT AARP is NOT allowing me to do that! I can't even donate a LOT of my EARNED POINTS to other Rewards for Good areas...what the hell?????

Right there with you r447879w.  Followed the new link


It says sold out. ?????????????????

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