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Shared Housing Experts and Interviews

Interview: Doris Beckman


This is an interview I conducted with Doris Beckman of "Home Sharing Golden Girls Style". Doris has been sharing for the past 7 years after finding resources that boosted her home sharing confidence.


Resources she's used and other links are in the video description.


 youTube Doris Beckman of Home Sharing Golden Girls Style.png


Prefer a transcript?

Here's a link to a transcript of the interview


I am looking for contributors, so let me know if you have a positive shared housing experience to share. 


Zoe Morrison Shared Housing Advocate





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Rents rose last year by double digits making even a studio apartment in some regions unaffordable for most renters. Increased taxes and maintaining property for homeowners means a financial squeeze particularly as the cost of living continues rising. Can a home become an asset and not a burden, while providing housing and enhancing community?


Annamarie Pluhar Author of Sharing Housing-A GuidebookAnnamarie Pluhar Author of Sharing Housing-A Guidebook



That's the premise behind #homesharing. Guiding people as they deal with fixed income, aging in place, and limited financial resources through home sharing is Annamarie Pluhar's bailiwick. 


With 30 + years of personally #homesharing she's authored "Sharing Housing- A Guidebook To Finding And Keeping Good Housemates".


I caught up with Annamarie in 2012 to talk about the resources she offers on her website and the impetus to author her book. Her easy-going style and passion has allowed her to be an expert in the field and coach thousands to successful #sharedhousing arrangements.



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Interview: Marianne Kilkenny


This is an archived podcast with author and presenter Marianne Kilkenny, founder of "Women For Living In Community". A spill she took on Christmas Day in 2010 prompted her to get serious about #sharinghousing. She introduces listeners to folks she's met during her own quest and media coverage she's received as "The Grand Nudge".


Resources are listed at the bottom of the video.

The transcript page has a link to her website, book and media appearances.


Copy of YouTube Cover Marianne Kilkenny   (YouTube Video).png





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