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I am 77 and have applied to independant senior housing but am still conflicted about leaving my moble home. I am happy in my home but am finding it difficult to maintain it because of lack of help.

How have other people dealt with this situation?  The senior houseing I have applied to has almost all of the available nearby amenities listed in the previous post with the exception of public transportation, but I still like my home and gardens etc. 

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Re: Senior Housing

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Thanks for posting this!






It is difficult to find affordable options - my mother was looking at places in NYC, and the entrance fees + ongoing monthly rates are unbelievably high.



If there was a good transportation option (e.g., regular bus services), and good food available at a residence, would you be interested in living in a lower cost area outside the city?


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Senior Housing

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It's been a challenge to find AFFORDABLE senior housing for myself in Chicago, IL. Before my last birthday I was looking for 55+ housing and it was nearly non-existent. But now I'm 62 and more options are available. Last year, I'd visited a place I really liked from the outside, got a waiting-list application, and they called recently because they have a unit available. But I have a lease now for my current apartment until August and I'm just not ready to pack up and move again already. This is my first apartment on my own again since 8/2011 and I kinda like it here. However, I am considering the new place for my 80 y.o. mother. She lives in Independent Senior housing now, but the place is basically in the middle of nowhere. My sister found/chose the place and at the time, I did not have the means/transportation to check other options.


The main reason I'm posting about this is to give a heads-up to others like me, who might be looking for Independent Senior housing. I have a short checklist I've been working on and thought others should consider these items. Most are beyond what the property manager will tell you when you take a tour.

* Nearest grocery store? Grocery delivery available?

* Is there a bank branch/ATM for your bank nearby?

* Proximity to public transportation (bus, train)? Taxi service?

* Nearest hospital/Urgent Care facility? Proximity to your doctor's office?

* Closest Pharmacy to get meds and sundry items?

* Closest restaurants for dine-in and/or delivery?

* Closest shopping mall/mini mall?

* Closest dry cleaners? Do they have pick-up/delivery?

* Closest place to worship/church?

* Proximity to other entertainment - Movie theater? Library? Local shopping? Parks? Museums?

* What are the Senior Transportation options if you don't drive/have a car?



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