Hello there and Happy Thanksgiving week to you


My husband and I are seniors who would like to relocate to a rental home in the Port Saint Lucie area soon.


We are looking for assistance for recommended senior realtors.


It would be great to hear from you.


Kind regards,


Lori and Johan

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Hiya and happy wishes to you and your husband as well!


I don't know anything about Port Saint Lucie, per se but I do know that you may have better luck in finding the information that you seek if you contact the PSL Better Business Bureau or maybe the Chamber of Commerce there. I'm sure too that there likely are Senior friendly organizations there that could probably point you in the right direction as to whom to contact beforehand. might give you some ideas as well but I imagine their listings are pricey. Still, it might give you some idea of prices for the area and availabilities.


This website (AARP) covers a pretty broad area and I can't imagine that many people with such specialized knowledge will see your message and have answers to your request. But I'm not usually one to shy away from speaking out, if I see an opportunity to be of service. I hope I may have helped. If so, a smile would be appreciated! You don't have to send it to me, you can give it to anyone you choose but if you put one out there, to anyone, a thought of me, nahchoo, when you do so, would be appreciated.


Good luck to you both in your quest to find that ideal property!   😊

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