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Downsizing Tips

It often makes financial sense to find a smaller, more economical place to live. Are you thinking about downsizing? Feeling overwhelmed by where to start? Check out these helpful tips ⬇️


1. Take photos of your home before you start to pare down - When you look through the photos, see what your eye goes to - those are the things to keep.


2. Keep things you want, use, need, or like to look at - Identify the things that make your house a home, including objects that you give you pleasure or have sentimental value. Keep and use the good stuff. Don't save it for special occasions.


3. Don't over-save for the next generation - A lot of folks save their possessions to pass on to their children or grandchildren. The problem with that is that the younger generations will have a different style when the time comes for them to use the items, and they likely won't want them. Instead of putting things in storage, save that money and give that instead (if you can).


4. Give with no strings attached - Be a generous giver and don't ask where things went.


5. Stop acquiring - This doesn't mean you can't buy new things. Instead, adopt this rule: one new thing in, one old thing out.


6. Take only the favorites from your collections - Pick your favorites, and let go of the rest. A good suggestion is to keep 3-4 of the things you like to look at.


7. Don't move anything that doesn't have a designated space in your new home - Make sure there's a spot for the things you take to your smaller space in the furniture you're taking with you.


8. Label your photographs - If you don't know the people in the photos, are those photos worth keeping? If there are photos with people you know in them, but they aren't sentimental, give them to those people.


9. Purge your paperwork - Get rid of tax returns after 7 years or digitize them. Don't keep bank statements you can access online. Be very selective about which papers you will keep.


10. Start now - If you are thinking of moving, start small. Pick a drawer, set a timer for 15 minutes, and go through it. Designate time to do this weekly.


Do you have any other downsizing tips? Share today!


Check out the book "Downsizing the Family Home" and "Downsizing the Family Home: The Wokrbook" from AARP as well.


De clutter, yes.  Move, only if you own a home with extreme equity.  Active adult communities in Northeast Atlanta start at $300K and senior apartments will cost over $1250 a month for 1 bedroom.

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