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Apartment living and working as a senior

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Apartment living and working as a senior



Do you like living in an apartment? I don't mind it except for second hand smoke or barking dogs. I also work and I do enjoy it. I have seen some places prefer younger employees when interviewing for jobs.


How about you?



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I think you may want to work with property management about this. It seems something has changed drastically, which might be structural, and if so, could be lethal.


If you never had this audio intrusion before, there may be something going on with the interior of the building.


Thinking of the collapses and fires recently, perhaps a building check up might be in order?



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I'm very noise sensitive and have exceptional hearing.   It's a blessing to have but it's also a curse.   I have been living in apartments for decades and I'm sick of it.   I've been wanting to move to a more rural area and live in a small house (I've posted about that on the Housing forum).  It seems like when apartments were built, the construction seemed shoddy.   It's very thin drywall.  Also it can be a pain when someone lives above you; and it doesn't take much to make a lot of noise from up there. 


At where I live the people are not very neighborly, so it behooves me to stay where I am - having the disadvantages of unfriendly neighbors and putting up with their noise.   And, by the way, it's a 55+ place I live at!   

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I live in a 55+ place but have lived in apts. all my life. I have encountered more "hostility" in the 55+ community compared to the general population apartment complexes. I stay where I this actual apartment because the rent is extremely inexpensive. But I often ask myself if paying inexpensive rent is worth my state of mind. Apartments around here at a minimum and that's a minimum are $1200 a month. And that's on the cheap end. I don't pay anywhere near that. Average rent would be about $1500. If I was to move into a place like that my rent would go up quite a bit. I am just living on social security right now. I used to sub teach to supplement the SS and quit during the pandemic but I sure am missing that few extra hundred dollars I was brining in each month. I don't live on alot of money so even a few hundred dollars a month shows when I don't have it anymore. I have tried to get one of the jobs back at a certain school and am waiting to hear from them. In the meantime I am on pins and needles because when I quit I didn't give any notice. I quit and said it was "effective immediately".. That's because I am an at will employee and in NY we don't have to give notice. But I also did not think I would ever want the job back. Had I known someday I might, I would have given 2 weeks notice. But as a sub, I can work as I want. I had no jobs lined up for the next 2 weeks and they have hundreds of subs. So it's not like I put them in a bad position. I just do not know what their policy is on rehiring people.

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I am sorry to hear about your job situation.  It sounds kind of like of what it was for me.  I retired last June and it was unexpected.   I left my job in disgust.  I had loved that job I had for 15 years, but it turned bad.  You might say that the pandemic had something to do with it, but when the pandemic first happened (around April '20) it was nice for me at that time.  It was the last few months that things changed.


Now I find myself thinking about having to move.   I live in a fairly expensive area.  I did well when I was working but now, not so.  I don't feel like I have motivation to try to get another job since I feel like I'm still recovering from the trauma of my last job.  Also I've been thinking about the past and how I was treated terribly over the years at the various jobs I had.


Some people close to me and I have been at odds with each other about this.  It has sent me into a very deep depression.  I'm feeling like there's no light at the end of the tunnel.  Or that I'm feeling like it's all my fault because I'm at odds with others and haven't made progress.         

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Jobs..and how we are treated have a major impact on our quality of life. 

I know that from past experience.


I had a job for the state of NY for 5 years and the "supervisor" was someone who impacted me in a very negative way. I actually got anxiety and depression as a result of her.


She wanted employees to really look up to her. I didn't look up to her, I saw her a normal person.


And that bothered her a great deal.


She was cruel and mean. I wish I had reported her for all the things she did while they were happening.


I am very noise sensitive, but it follows an injury I had years ago. It can be very annoying. My friends now say i have "bionic" hearing. I cope the best ways I can.

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I am sorry for your injury even though it was a while back.

I ordered some special kind of ear plugs to drown out noise and also a headset which hasn't arrived yet to drown out noise. It's a sad commentary when to enjoy your apt you have to go to such lengths. Like Tom W. above, I took would like to have my own home.

I don't see that happening but I would love it. I also would be very satisfied to live in an apt. that is made with expensive materials that prevented alot of the kind of sounds I hear here. I mean hearing someone talk on the phone and you can hear their every word. That's terrible insulation. And I mean terrible.

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