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Age discrimination in room rentals



I’m writing you as I really don’t know how to address my issue. I’ve been trying to re-locate back to the Los Angeles general area for quite sometime now. I’m primarily looking to rent a room in someone’s home/condo/apartment. I’ve utilized just about every app and website I can find. This includes housing ads on Social Media/online for free such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to subscription services such as Roomster and SpareRoom. It’s my assessment that most published ads that show room rentals Or Roommates wanted, specifically state ages between 21 yrs. - 45 yrs. Preferred. MUST be EMPLOYED outside the home and/or Full time student. I’m 72 yrs. Old and retired. My passion is being a Docent and giving public tours in historical mansions and estates! It’s not that I want to force someone to rent to me! That’s not what I’m interested in doing. I want to learn where to place an ad that will reach my target audience or find an ad wanted where I’m considered more acceptable? I’m sure there are many people who would find the fact that I’m very active, financially trustworthy and a very considerate tenant highly desirable. However, I’m failing miserably here. Can you please assist me? Many thanks, Missy 

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Hi, Missy! I have given this thought over several days, as I also want to relocate without "income" (employment). Have you contacted AARP sites in that area, and asked what services they offer? Perhaps they have referrals for apartment sharing? 


Also, check with tour providers; maybe other docents are possible apartment-mates?



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Are there any trailor parks that rent out to retirees? Or contact the chamber of commerce in the city or town that you're interested in and question them about securing a room to rent for a senior who is retired I wouldn't state my age as that is unlawful to deny based on age/sex/religion..I don't know if there is a particular realty that does this but there must be something as people .. have become very mobile these days..Good luck in your hunt ...What about placing a situations ad in the local paper "Looking for a room-mate who has a spare room to rent ad..

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