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Question Name one artist/band whose music you think the world should love as much as you do? (tough I know, but try to pick just one)   Answers John Coltrane Maitre Gims Yo Yo Ma Nina Simone Vivaldi Phil Vassar. His concerts are so good! He's personable, talented and cute!  Jerry Garcia and The Greatful Dead, always loved them, saw them at Woodstock!   The one and only Beatles! I’ve been a fan since late December 1963 at age 8 when I first heard I Want To Hold Your Hand. Going to see Paul McCartney for the 8th time (since 1976) in 2019!   David Bromberg—if you are into Blues and Folk...he combined the two with a fabulous sense of humor..start with Keep on Drinkin!   The Beach Boys   Queen  — and this is not because of the current movie just relased. They have great sounds and words.   Eva Cassidy. Her voice and ability to interpret music are the iconic models for every serious pop and jazz performer.  Her interpretation of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" got the world's attention.  Her limited number of recordings are a treasure.  It's so sad that she was "discovered" after her death. If you listen to her sing and know her tragic story, you can't help but feel the loss of a great talent.   Glenn Miller...his music is timeless.  Just a few notes of "String of Pearls" and we are kids again!   Don’t miss the “Civil Wars”. I discovered this great duos music while sitting in a coffee shop in Mexico recently.    Bob Dylan! fact is there are only 2 types of musicians in the entire world ... (1) Bob Dylan and (2) those that wish they were Bob Dylan. Peace to all.   Toto is the band I currently enjoy. "AFRICA"  is a masterpiece.  The vocals are superb.  The instrumentation is exceptional. The words tell a story. And the ending is innovative —  the fading of instruments is very effective. There is something about really good music which compels you to listen over and over.   Gene Watson  — best country singer since George Jones! (just listen to Farewell Party if you don't know who he is.)   The North Country (out of Washington, DC)   Lorie Line, great piano stylist   Pink Floyd   Eric Clapton in all his various iterations. If you enjoy listening to astounding guitar compositions and execution, listen to the master.    Rhonda Vincent (and the Rage). Great voice versatile, hard working, can do any genre, but being a bluegreass girl is where her heart is   The Eagles! !! Just saw them at the new Fiserv Forum (new Milwaukee Bucks Arena). My #1 Bucket List event achieved... Lived! When the 2 1/2 hour concert was over, my musician husband and I were emotionally drained-happily! My first comment was "How do you ever top that?" The Eagles are exceptional musicians that meld together in the most glorious way, creating their unique, phenomenal sound. I think they're even better than they were in the 70's  — their beginning. Finally... Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Deacon Frey, Vince Gill, Timothy B. Schmit, and Steuart Smith... Thank you for giving me priceless memories of a night I will never forget.    I have group and one individual. The group is Alabama. I think Randy Owen is terrific. The indivudual is Yanni.   Paul Simon   Follow Stillwell Blue on Sound Cloud, You Tube, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify.  Incredible lyrics and music!!!     Jennifer Warnes Jesse Winchester John Prine    The timeless band is Chicago. After all, they don't really care what year it is!   Anything by Michael Bublé!   Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw   The grown folk music of Will Downing!   Bazzi and Camila   Tuba Skinny on YouTube   Without a doubt, the ONLY band that could provide the soundtrack, should my life ever be made into a made for TV movie, is the incomparable Fleetwood Mac. Throughout the decades of turmoil, love, hits, misses and changes, they've stood the test of time and while not always coming out a shining example of morality on the other side, they've always managed to remain the one constant fixture of musical comfort in my life! For that, I will be forever greatful !!!    Stevie Landslide   AC/DC. They are timeless. My 30-year-old son loves them, my 7-year-old grandson loves them. Bon Scotts back story is intriguing. Love their music and music history   The genius of Ray Charles!   I peronally think everyone should like Earth Wind and Fire. Oldie but goodie band that had a lot of good music for everyone.   Janis Joplin. She truly sang from her soul. She's always #1 in my world!    First pick would have to be The Beatles. They were at the center of my universe during the 60's! So much of their music has stood the test of time. As they turned solo, I have always enjoyed the music of George Harrison; also timeless, often spiritual, always beautiful, that was George.   Whenever someone asks me about my favorite musician(s) I say The Moody Blues, but in the back of my mind I'm thinking "well, after the Beatles, of course" because that goes without saying. They are in a class all by themselves.    I think Glen Campbell should be admired and loved. He had a fantastic voice and was an amazing guitarist and could play banjo and bagpipes as well! He was always my favorite artist.  
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