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Re: What is your favorite cookie?

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"How do cookies relate to "healthy living"?"


They soothe the soul. 'specially me dear ol' mum's molasses cookies. That's healthy enough for me.

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Re: What is your favorite cookie?

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How do cookies relate to "healthy living"?

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Re: What is your favorite cookie?

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What a great tradition, and even coming from an American-Italian family, haven't heard of taking a box of cookies home (although that always happened at christenings, weddings, wakes).


Not a cookie person, I have to say recently found Oreo brownies @ 99 cent stores and they, while not technically "cookie", are pretty awesome!


Great topic; thanks for posting!


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Re: What is your favorite cookie?

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"Old fashioned" oatmeal with raisins.  I'm not big on chocolate anything.

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What is your favorite cookie?

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I went to a wedding recently and the family tradition was that everyone brought a tray of cookies, then all were able to box a variety of homemade cookies to take home.  It got me thinking - what is my favorite, such a hard choice but it has to have some chocolate to be a top contender.  What's your favorite cookies?

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