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What Are Some of the 'Other' Benefits of Weight Loss?


Some benefits from losing weight or staying fit are obvious, in part because every fitness guru, weight loss article and doctor seems to mention them. Perhaps the most commonly talked about benefits are better blood sugar levels and diabetes management. But what about higher self esteem and greater mobility?


As stated elsewhere in this forum, I’ve been on a journey to better fitness. A year ago, my very fit hubby joined me in the pursuit of finding out what, exactly, is possible for us in terms of fitness. He began this journey as a fit man, yet since January he's jettisoned some muscle, rebuilt and redefined others and shed 20 pounds. This shocks and amazes us. Neither of us imagined he had a spare 10, much less 20 pounds on him. Clearly, we were in error. 🙂 


Besides the improved vitals, though, we have experienced many wonderful benefits from this journey. Setting goals and working toward them as a team has made our marriage even stronger. While you'll find articles all over the web (like this one) listing the 'other' benefits of weight loss, how many of those stories are from the personal experience of a pair of senior citizens? Here's our list of the 'other' benefits we’ve experienced from our weight loss journey:


lose weight feel great.pngMore energy 
Better vital signs
More upbeat moods
More confidence
More comfortable
Happier outlook
Better sleep 
Clearer head
Greater flexibility
Look and feel younger

Feel in control of health future






What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced by either losing weight or staying fit?




"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving

After, I lost weight from going to a meat eater to a vegetarian diet proving to my doctor that I can get better all by myself.

 Eating more lentils, beans, tofu, hummus, I felt like more alive.  I had more energy.  Plus, I use to get tired at work and drink Pepsi to wake me up, but then dropped that and ate cilantro instead. I couldn't believe how energized I was!

Plus, my thyroid problem disappeared like totally gone. My doctor wanted to put me on medication!  Really?!!  I don't do medications at all, only homeopathic medicine, nothing to harm the body.

I felt more alert as well, not so tired anymore, as well.

I started to look for more recipes online, get books from the Library about a vegetarian diet.  I never really felt I was on a diet, per se, but on a hunt to make my body feel stronger, more alert, more energy, and more happier.

Well, I've been on this regime for more than 10 years and will never go back to eating meat, or dairy, or processed food.

Always eat fresh, if can, because most can food has salt and fat.  Always look for how much salt is in the item.  Try to keep it 10mg or less. Look at the sugar content, and fat content.  I always buy unsalted, whether a can or frozen vegetables.  You can add your own salt.

Become a Detective, it's a good hobby- you need Energy, Stamina, Humor and Vitality!


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What I like about AARP is it doesn't cost anything to learn how to eat right. Not like Oprah who is doing commercials for her new food line to replace sauces and potato for cauliflower and W.W. where it shows all the woman and how much they loss, but doesn't show what she has loss because she doesn't look any smaller than her TV show, and then Marie's commercials where she loss 50 pounds. All these stars with a lot of money and fame just trying to get richer from the middle class.

It is better to have the AARP program where you learn so much about the foods you eat, and the benifits of them to be able to loss weight. Don't do it for other people do it for you!

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Increased Stamina, Calories Burn Faster


The Body becomes more resistant to diseases



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Here now a few benefits I've experienced that are not on the above list:


My rings fit better. 🙂


I can wear small brimmed or no-brim hats without looking like a pinhead. 🙂 (Yay!)


Lower grocery bill. Since we now consume less, this endeavor has had a positive impact on our grocery bill. We now use about half the eggs, milk, bread, bananas, meat, grains and cheese that we did a year ago. We are eating a somewhat greater volume of vegetables, for instead of fruit or wheat-based snacks, we now eat carrots or cauliflower with hummus or a few nuts.



What about you? What 'other' benefits of weight loss have you experienced?


lose weight tape measure.jpg

"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
Honored Social Butterfly

These two images go out to anyone currently struggling to get started on a personal weight loss program, because, dearheart: yes, you can do it! 🙂


i can.jpg


watch me.jpg




"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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